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Does Smartphone Usage Affect a Child's Functional Vision?

Does Smartphone Usage Affect a Child's Functional Vision?

A minor, barely two years old, was diagnosed with severe myopia due to excessive cell phone use. His parents gave it to him when he was one year old, in order to entertain her and "keep her quiet," local media in China report.
At just two years old, the little girl has severe myopia

The incident was recorded in Jiangsu Province , in China. A year after using the cell phone day and night, her parents noticed abnormalities in her little daughter, because they noticed that she was starting to frown and squint her eyes to better observe the screen.

Child offers reward to recover cell phone with photos of his late mother
After an ophthalmologic review, the specialists diagnosed that the girl suffered 9 diopters, whose result is high compared to a mild myopia of -0.5 to 3D.

The damage is irreversible and could get worse when the girl grows up, said Liu Li of the Child Care Services Center. Now the little girl has to wear 9D lenses, without which she could not see at all.
In this regard, the World Health Organization recommends that children under one year of age should not be exposed to screens and monitors; while infants of two and four years can use electronic devices only one hour a day.

Facebook allowed children to chat in groups with strangers
Facebook allowed children to chat in groups with strangers

An error in Messenger Kids, the application for children of Facebook, would have allowed minors to have contact with users not approved by parents.

The social platform Facebook accepted that a failure in the service of its messaging platform aimed at children, Messenger Kids , allowed them to participate in group conversations with people who were not approved by their parents.

Consulted by the AFP agency, the social network said that it has been closing the group conversations in which minors have had contact with strangers, also notifying thousands of parents whose children were affected because of this error on their platform.
ecurity failures on Facebook, a constant
Initially reported by the news portal The Verge , the news began to spread by sharing one of the alerts addressed to parents, warning that their children could have created group chats with people who were not on the authorized contact list , despite the fact that participation in the conversation was limited by the configuration of the parents.

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Unfortunately, Facebook tries to regain the trust of its users after a series of scandals related to various privacy failures , while at the same time dealing with the pressure of regulators seeking to tidy up the security measures they offer.
What is Messenger Kids?
Messenger Kids is a platform designed so that children, between six and 12 years of age, can communicate through group or individual video calls with trusted contacts, previously approved by their parents. To create a traditional Facebook account it is necessary to have a minimum age of 13 years.

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The service was officially presented since 2017 as a safe environment for children who communicated without any security measures through other applications, but arrived in Mexico until the middle of last year .
Is my Friend a Psyco?
Is my Friend a Psyco?

Approximately 10% of the population has personality problems.

These people have special features in their way of thinking, perceiving, feeling, acting and interacting with others who are not healthy. It is estimated that 1.5% of them can develop an  antisocial personality disorder . The antisocial personality is defined by having a behavior that is fundamentally transgressive.

The person who has an antisocial personality disorder can also be defined as a psychopath or sociopath. There are two important components that make up the personality: temperament , which is the biological and instinctive element, and character , which is a product of what has been learned and originates in the process of socialization and education.

Some distinguish the psychopath as the one born with the antisocial characteristics (temperamental component) of the sociopath. The sociopath is one who acquires these behaviors through their upbringing and during the socialization process (character).

But what characterizes these people? In general, their actions are justified because they want something or avoid something, no matter what others think. They believe that their actions will not have undesirable consequences or they simply do not care and have a high certainty that their decisions are always right.

For them, the end justifies the means and the ultimate goal is one that satisfies him regardless of the damage he causes.

They usually think: "if others suffer from my behavior that is their problem", "only fools follow the rules, the rules should be eliminated", "I am the best, the first thing for me is pleasure", "I have to get anything I want and it has to be now, if I don't get frustrated ”, or, for example,“ I am very smart, I am the best ”. Affectively they often get irritated and be aggressive towards others in order to intimidate them.

It is common for patients to go to the consultation involuntarily under the pressure exerted by justice or marital conflicts or with their children, since the antisocial tends to have a manipulative behavior and an exploitative attitude towards others. These people are usually harmful to their families, institutions and society in general.

This could be preceded in the first years of life by childhood disocial behavior disorder , challenging oppositional behavior and attention deficit disorder among others.

If you identify some of these characteristics in your way of being or in someone close to you, it is recommended that you ask for help with a mental health specialist who can advise and guide you on how to manage this condition.

More about sociopathy
Keys to detect a psychopath
There are a number of items that constitute the popular PCL (Psychopathy Checklist) method developed by Dr. Robert Hare.

In relation to others:

In the affective:

Regarding the lifestyle:

In the social

Can a child be a psycho?
Sex with a psychopath: what to expect
They are charming, eloquent, friendly and conquering.
They have an exaggerated self-esteem.
They lie pathologically and believe that any strategy is valid to achieve their goal and justify their behavior.
They are manipulative and intelligent enough for the other to create their performance.
They have no feelings of guilt or regrets, nor do they feel indebted to others.
They are affectively frivolous and superficial.
They are indifferent, they can be even cruel, because they lack empathy.
They don't accept their mistakes, others always have the problem.
They need constant stimuli, they get bored easily.
They like a parasitic lifestyle.
They act impulsively and without control.
They live without direction, changing goals without direction.
Its irresponsible.
They usually commit crimes in their youth years.
They have behavioral problems since childhood.
They love scams and all crimes that require the manipulation of another.
Skin Caner: Can Vitamin A fight it?
Skin Caner: Can Vitamin A fight it?

Vitamin A or retinol is an essential nutrient to maintain good bone, joint and skin health. Now, a group of scientists found, after analyzing more than 120,000 patients, a link between their consumption and a lower risk of developing skin cancer. The authors pointed out that their action was on Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC), that is, the second most frequent variety of this type of cancer.
After melanoma, the CCE is the most common type of skin cancer, the Skin Cancer Foundation (SCF), estimates that in the USA. UU. 700.00 new cases are diagnosed each year. Although this disease can arise in any part of the body, it is more frequent in areas that are in constant exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays: face, scalp, ears, hands, neck or legs.
The groups most at risk of developing it are those who have a complexion, light hair or eyes, scars, ulcers, chronic infections, have suffered burns, or are recurrent users of tanning beds.
Experts say that CCEs that are detected and removed in time can be cured without problems. However, having it once increases the risk of future cases, since the skin suffered irreversible damage. Therefore, the best solution is prevention, avoiding burns or excessive sun exposure by keeping you in the shade, using sunscreens and creams, and doing routine check-ups with your doctor.
Now, specialists from the Warren Alpert School of Medicine, Brown Public Health, Harvard Medicine and the University of Inje, in South Korea, found another factor that might be helpful: vitamin A.
For their work, published in JAMA Dermatology , the researchers analyzed data from 75,170 women, with an average age of 50 years, and 48,400 men, with an average age of 54 years. During a follow-up period of more than 26 years, 3,978 cases of skin cancer were documented among the participants of both study groups.
AMLO: Leaving economist management to an economist is like entrusting peace to a military

MEXICO CITY, July 30 (Social Community) .- President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that it is not possible to leave the economy to an economist, since it would be like entrusting the peace of a country to a military man.

At a morning press conference, the president said government efforts should always be coordinated by politics.

"Now it is different. Of course we need economists and we need the military, but it has to coordinate the efforts of politics, I am not talking about politics, I am talking about politics, about the noble craft of politics," he said.

President López Obrador said there have been changes and "sometimes things are not understood."
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Kelly McGillis, the woman who puts order to the testosterone of 'Top Gun', will not be in the sequel because nobody called her,
Kelly McGillis
Kelly McGillis

Top Gun is one of the greatest movie classics that brought us a Tom Cruise in his salsa, playing a hero who played between the genres of drama and action while taking pleasure in the risky scenes in the air. But if there was something that made this movie different from the rest of the era, it was to incorporate a female co-star character with more strength and power than the main hero: Charlie Blackwood.
The film was one of the first that included a woman of arms to take with more rank than the protagonists in a film made by men and starring men.

Kelly McGillis left a mark like that astrophysics and civil instructor who arrived to train the pilots, putting order and earning everyone's respect. But also the love of Pete "Maverick" Mitchell. When the protagonist was not flying, playing volleyball or riding his motorcycle, he was trying to make her fall in love with her. Something he gets despite Charlie's attempts not to fall into his networks.

At the end of the movie the two meet at the bar revealing a romantic conclusion that promises that "they lived happily and ate partridges." And that is why when the sequel was announced, many took it for granted that Kelly McGillis would appear in the story in some way. But no. Our joy in a well.

34 years after the original success, Maverick will meet with the audience but not Charlie. Because as the actress has revealed to ET, nobody called her to offer a role in the story.

"You know what, I don't know how to answer because it hasn't happened," he told the publication during a telephone interview when asked if he planned to attend one of the sequel's promotional events. "And two, if and when it happened, I would have to see where I am, what I am doing and what is happening," he said as if he were indifferent.

Moreover, he has not seen the trailer yet or maintains contact with Tom or the original film team despite having marked his film careers. “Movies are a strange thing. I don't keep in touch with anyone. I think I've talked to a couple of people occasionally, but the truth is that movies are strange work situations because there are a lot of people from different parts of the world that come together ”just for that job.
It is still unknown why they didn't ask Kelly to come back, although I would dare to suggest two possible reasons. The first could be the obvious difference in age. The actress is 5 years older than Tom Cruise, something that worked in Top Gun because it was an experienced woman who knew how to put the points on the ies to a rebel Maverick. But if we take into account that at 57 he continues to use the same formula of having partners much younger than him in his films (Emily Blunt, 21 years younger; Rebecca Fergusson, 22 years younger; Michelle Monaghan, 14 years younger), Then Kelly, 62, would not enter the equation.

And the second reason is the most obvious and is that Kelly has been missing from the Hollywood scene for several years. Although it appears from time to time with secondary roles in series and TV movies, no participation is as remembered as the role of Charlie, his unforgettable role in love with Amish in Single Witness (1985) with Harrison Ford or his collaboration with Jodie Foster in Accused (1988).

Surely you wonder why? What happened so that after three films so remembered - one after the other - suddenly we don't have another cinephile memory of her? Simply because it was she who decided to abandon everything.