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Differentiated training and key meeting: this was the return of Neymar to PSG
Differentiated training and key meeting: this was the return of Neymar to PSG

The striker returned to Paris after the end of the Copa América, although the club was waiting for him last week.
Neymar arrived at the Paris Saint Germain (PSG) rally on Monday, a week after the club's players resumed training, in an atmosphere of clear tension and with great uncertainty about their future.

The PSG did not want to comment in the morning or on the program or on any other aspect of the return of the Brazilian star, once several media confirmed that he had landed in the French capital, and that he could be seen arriving shortly after from 9.00 local (7.00 GMT) to Camp de Loges.

Neymar worked differently due to the injury to his ankle, from which he is almost recovered. But after a brief workout in the gym, he met with the sporting director, Leonardo, who last week had dropped the possibility of opening a sanction procedure for not showing up on the first day of training, on July 8.

Although the content of the summit is not known, the French newspaper L'Equipe affirmed that, in the exchanges of messages of the last days, Leonardo had made notice to the player that the narrow economic margin that Barcelona has at this moment makes very difficult his signing for what was his previous team this summer.
An argument that did not serve to modify the will of Neymar to leave, which is what many fans of PSG have understood their statements last Saturday.

Questioned about his best memories, he responded by first placing the victory in the Olympic Games with Brazil in 2016 and second the "comeback" when he disqualified his current team with the club in the second round of the Champions League.

The Brazilian's environment tried to correct the effect that those words caused with a statement in which he stated that "to consider his spontaneous and honest reaction as a provocation is a malicious analysis whose sole objective is to create controversy where there is none".

The French club has left the door open for Neymar to leave, but with a financial offer that suits him. And we must remember that when he signed him in 2017, he had to pay Barcelona a clause of rescission of 222 million euros.
American Airlines again postponed the estimated date for the return of the Boeing 737 MAX
American Airlines again postponed the estimated date for the return of the Boeing 737 MAX

It is the fifth time that the US airline does so, while the manufacturer tries to solve the clock the defects that are believed caused two tragedies with 346 dead and resulted in a global flight ban for the model.
The American airline American Airlines will continue without using its fleet of Boeing 737 Max aircraft, whose operation has been banned after two similar accidents in less than six months, until November 3, two months more than planned, reported Sunday. company.

The measure will result in the cancellation of some 115 daily flights, the company said in a statement. He indicated that he "continues to trust" that the Boeing plane will receive recertification this year, but some airline executives have more and more doubts about the date when that would happen.

United Airlines had also announced on Friday that it would extend the cancellation of its flights with the 737 Max until November 3, a month longer than planned.
United has 14 Max planes in its fleet, while American has 24. Southwest Airlines, which owns 34 Max model aircraft, more than any other airline, is canceling about 150 daily flights.

Since March, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of the United States ordered that all Maxs remain on the ground after two lethal accidents in Indonesia and Ethiopia with that model that left a total of 346 dead.
With its announcement on Sunday, it is the fifth time that American Airlines postpones the date to resume its flights with the 737 Max.

"American Airlines remains confident that the impending software updates on the Boeing 737 Max, along with the new training elements that Boeing is developing in coordination with our union partners, will result in recertification of the aircraft this year," the airline said. .

In its announcement last month about additional cancellations, the airline said it was anticipating that recertification would be obtained "soon."
In a recent interview with the AP agency, Ed Bastian, CEO of Delta Airlines, said: "I anticipate it will take longer than people expect" for the Max to be certified and reused. He did not dare to predict a date.

Delta does not have Boeing 737 Max aircraft and has not had to deal with the cancellations of flights that other companies face. At the end of 2007 he considered the possibility of ordering the model, but opted to acquire 100 Airbus A321ceo aircraft, with the option to buy 100 more.
The Donald Trump government will reject migrants who seek asylum in the US without having done so in another Cont
The Donald Trump government will reject migrants who seek asylum in the US without having done so in another Cont

Washington will impose the new requirement as of Tuesday for those who arrive at the southern border with the intention of crossing it. The measure affects especially the Central Americans who habitually cross Mexico heading north
The US government began negotiations on Monday to not accept more asylum applications from Central American migrants arriving at the Mexican border, in a new attempt the irregular entry of foreigners into the country.

According to the new norm published in the Federal Register, asylum seekers who first pass through another country will not be able to request asylum in the South American border, unless they have made the management in Mexico without success. It also has exceptions for victims of human trafficking.

"A foreigner who enters or attempts to enter the US through the southern border after failing to apply for protection in a third country outside their countries of citizenship, nationality or legal habitual last residence that has been en route to the US is not suitable for asylum, "said the provision.

The rule, which should take effect on Tuesday, applies even to children who have crossed the border alone.
"This measure will dramatically reduce the weight on our system caused by asylum seekers who do not seek protection in the first available country, migrants for economic reasons who lack fear of persecution, and traffickers and transnational crime organizations who take advantage of of the system, "said Kevin McAleenan, interim secretary of the Department of Homeland Security.

It is expected that the regulations, already criticized by the opposition sectors and activists of migratory rights, will be disputed in courts. In a statement, the Department of Justice argued that the rule "uses the authority delegated by Congress in (...) the Migration Law to improve the integrity of the asylum process by placing more restrictions or limitations on the eligibility of foreigners seeking asylum. in United States".
Jair Bolsonaro aims to achieve more agreements for Mercosur after the one reached with the European Union
Jair Bolsonaro aims to achieve more agreements for Mercosur after the one reached with the European Union

The president of Brazil affirmed that, after there have been talks with Japan, South Korea and the United States, the summit of the bloc that will begin this Monday in the Argentine city of Santa Fe should serve as a "celebration" of the pact with the EU but also to look to the future.
Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro said on Sunday, on the eve of the semi-annual Mercosur summit, that the regional bloc should "devise new strategies" to achieve more free trade agreements similar to the one that closed with the European Union (EU) last June.

Bolsonaro said that, after there have been talks with Japan, South Korea and the United States, the meeting that will begin this Monday in the Argentine city of Santa Fe (center) should serve as a "celebration" of the pact with the EU but also for Look To The Future.

"It will be a fantastic meeting, surely our advisors (...) will guide us on how we can make agreements similar to the European Union," said the Brazilian in an interview with the Argentine newspaper Clarín.

The president considered that the direction has to go towards "free trade" to reach alliances "with the largest number of blocks and countries in the world."

The summit to be held in Argentina will be the first after just two weeks ago, on June 27, the historic association agreement between South Americans and Europeans was closed in Brussels.

Mercosur has seen its agenda revitalized with that alliance, a breath of fresh air in the face of dissatisfaction with the meager commercial achievements of the South American bloc.

One day after meeting with its partners from Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay, Mercosur members said that the "ideological trend" has disappeared from that organization, a circumstance.

He added that currently there is a "feeling of fraternity" among the four countries that comprise it - with Venezuela suspended since 2016 - and that the future is to seek a "Mercosur 2.0".

The head of state of the most populous country of Mercosur dropped that the creation of a common currency for the bloc, an option he put on the table in a recent official visit to Buenos Aires, will be one of the issues in question in Santa Fe.

"We can take another step in this direction," he said.

Bolsonaro spoke about the changes that community policy can undergo if the Argentine opposition wins in the presidential elections on October 27.

He analyzed that Brazil and Argentina can "have a touch" if the formula led by Alberto Fernández and seconded by former president Cristina Fernández (2007-2015) expires, who he defined as "friends of Dilma, Lula, Chavez, Maduro, of Fidel Castro ".

He also criticized that Alberto Fernández wants to "revise" the agreement between Mercosur and the EU to reach power.
The statue of Melania Trump in her hometown in Slovenia that has generated opinions and ridicule
The statue of Melania Trump in her hometown in Slovenia that has generated opinions and ridicule

After Melania's cake, Melania's honey and the shoes of Melania, At the hometown first American lady, will now boast the first statue of her most famous daughter, although it has caused controversy.
The life-size statue was opened on this Friday and the work of 39-year-old American conceptual artist Brad Downey, who says it is the first monument in the world dedicated to the wife of US President Donald Trump.
The work was sculpted in a tree with a chainsaw and shows the first lady dressed in a blue suit raising her left hand, which seeks to reproduce the gesture she made during her husband's oath in 2017.
The work, carried out in a naive (naive) style, has provoked criticism, for example that it resembles a "scarecrow".
"I can understand that people think they do not come very close to their physical appearance," says Downey, who finds the result "absolutely beautiful."
Since Donald Trump took office as president in 2017, the quiet Sevnica became a magnet for tourists and journalists seeking to scrutinize the past of the first American lady.
Local merchants have taken advantage of that attraction to offer an incredible amount of food products or merchandise under the name of Melania, as well as a walk through the key sites of their early years.
Downey conceived the statue as part of a project to explore Slovenian roots and commissioned local artisan Ales Zupevc, nicknamed "Maxi", to make the sculpture.
Owney told AFP that he was shocked that "Maxi" was born the same year and in the same hospital as Melania.
"We can see this river and the mountains as she saw them as a child," Downey added.
Nobody has been encouraged to express great praise to the work.
Nika, a 24-year-old local architecture student, told AFP that "if the monument wants to be a parody, then the artist did succeed."
"Here in Sevnica we can only laugh and at the same time hold our heads with our hands for the catastrophic reputation" of the Trump, he added.
Katarina, 66, says for her part that the monument is a "good idea".
"Melania is a Slovenian heroine, she managed to reach the highest in the United States," he said.
Jean Beausejour announced his definitive withdrawal from the Chilean national team

Jean Beausejour, a member of the 'golden generation' that led La Roja to be a two-time champion of America, announced his retirement from the Chilean national team after the defeat of Reinaldo Rueda's team against Argentina for third place in the Copa América.

"A CRACK announced his retirement from La Roja! Thanks for everything Jean André Emanuel Beausejour Coliqueo!" The Chilean team informed on Twitter, after the player announced his decision.

Beausejour, 35, debuted in 2004 with La Roja and has since played 107 games and scored six goals. "Great moments of happiness with you", was highlighted in the publication.
During his career with the national team, Beausejour, a Chilean of Haitian origin, was part of the Chilean "golden generation" that impressed the world with his bicampeonato de América -2015 and 2016-, which this year wanted to reissue in Brazil, and the runner-up of the Confederations Cup in the year 2017.

"Jean Beausejour became the only Chilean in history to score in two consecutive World Cups (South Africa 2010 and Brazil 2014)," the Chilean national team recalled in another tweet.

Beausejour, current player of the University of Chile, has defended several national and international teams during his career, among them the Brazilian Gremio, the America of Mexico or the English Birmingham City and Wigan Athletic.
"My aspiration has always been to retire from the national team at a competitive level and I think I succeed," said the Chilean side in dialogue with the CDF channel from the corridors of the Arena Corinthians stadium in Sao Paulo, where Argentina defeated Chile 2-1. He finished third in the Copa América 2019.

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Mexico beat the United States 1-0 and was crowned champion of the 2019 Gold Cup

Mexico vs USA | Mexico beat the United States 1-0 and was crowned champion of the 2019 Gold Cup
Mexico vs USA | Mexico beat the United States 1-0 and was crowned champion of the 2019 Gold Cup

The Mexican soccer team won the Gold Cup on Sunday for the eighth time after winning 1-0 to their US counterpart in the "Concacaf classic" thanks to a goal by Jonathan Dos Santos.

Thus, the "Tri" was consecrated as the most successful of CONCACAF when adding another Cup after the wins in 1993, 1996, 1998, 2003, 2009, 2011 and 2015.

While his classic rival, who won it in 1991, 2002, 2005, 2007, 2013 and 2017, was close to equaling him as the top winners of the CONCACAF tournament.

"I do not know what to say, I'm happy to be able to contribute my bit, in the end it all comes in its time and now it has arrived to reach glory," said Dos Santos after the game.

Dos Santos scored the title goal in the 73rd minute of the game at Soldier Field in Chicago with a left-footed shot inside the box after receiving a pass from Raúl Jiménez with the heel. The ball hit the crossbar before going to the back of the goal.

"It was what we came for, nothing was worth what we had done before if we did not win the Cup. We have to try to show that we are an important team, but not only in CONCACAF," said midfielder Andres Guardado.

Before the goal, the United States had four clear scoring options that did not materialize due to failures of the forwards and accurate interventions of goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa.

While Mexico only had one in the 42nd minute with a shot from Dos Santos that came out of the left post.

In the final minutes, the United States pressed for a draw to send the match to extra time, but they did not get it, so Mexico remained the most winning team in CONCACAF.

"Very happy with the title, we are a team with committed players and we deserved the win," said Ochoa.

Finally Disney Star Cameron Boyce real Cause of Death revealed
Cameron Boyce

Disney Channel fans woke to the surprising news that widespread actor Cameron Boyce, simply twenty years recent, had died late weekday night. A advocate for the family confirmed that Boyce “passed away in his sleep thanks to a seizure that was a results of Associate in Nursing in progress medical condition that he was being treated.”

During the night of this Saturday the death of the young American actor Cameron Boyce, known for his work -among other productions- was confirmed when he played Carlos de Vil in the "Descendants" films of the Disney Channel.

After his death, the director of the films, Kenny Ortega, posted an image on his Instagram about one of his films. "My love, light and prayers go to Cameron and his family, that you rest in peace, my child forever."