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Latest News Today 5 May 2019

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Latest News Today

More than 5,500 graduates of foreign government jobs in Kuwait

According to the Kuwait Civil Service Commission, this year, over the last two thousand government has been graduated from different government departments in the country where the Kushis have taken place. The commission has further been informed that 3,150 foreigners were also graduated last year. In this way, more than 5600 foreign government workers have been dismissed and their place has been given to graduate Kuwaiti youth men and women.
A committee made by the government has been told that there are more than 80,000 foreign graduates in various government areas of the state, more of which are deployed at Higher Education in the Department of Education and Department of Health.

The Committee has also met various government officials, emphasizing that the number of local unemployed employees in the state should provide at least eight thousand jobs in the government areas.
It is clear that in February 2019, Asim, Secretary General of Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior, directed all the sub-departments of the ministry to dismiss the foreigners who are absent from them and recruit their citizenship in their place.

According to the spokesman of the ministry, while implementing this directive, 50 foreigners have been canceled immediately. According to the spokesperson, the heads of the institutions had asked a list of the names of those foreigners a few days back, where Kuwaiti citizens could be recruited, the head of the institutions refused to provide such lists. That will allow hundreds of foreigners to get rid of it.
The Ministry of Home Affairs again strongly directed that the foreigners should be excluded from work without waiting for the list and recruit them to citizens. It is clear that at the time of all the governmental organizations, the policy of giving jobs to local people is being implemented in foreign countries.

Latest News Today

More than six million Saudi women unemployed in Saudi Arabia

Riaz (SocialcommunityNews May 3, 2019) Saudis has passed in Saudi Arabia for most of the fields for the last two years, due to which millions of foreigners have finished employment and provided employment to Saudi men and women. Despite the involvement of Saudi women in public and private sectors, the unemployment rate of 35% has increased in Saudi Arabia.
According to the statistics of Saudi Arabia, more than 6 million Saudi women are unemployed. Dr. Asam Khalifa, a member of the Saudi Economic Society, told the local newspaper Almadina that this rate is not unhappy, but in the worst country's unemployment rate in any country around the world.

. Dr. Asam Khalifa, a member of the Saudi Economic Society, told the local newspaper Almadina that this rate is not unhappy, but in the worst country's unemployment rate in any country around the world. Although the Saudi government has legislated to provide employment to a large number of women and several important administrative decisions have been taken, despite the proportion of women's jobs in the labor market is very low.

There are several reasons for unemployment rates in Saudi women. The main reason is to get gender discrimination from women by private institutions. Many organizations offer less salaries than women than men. While many private organizations do not give job keeping women affairs related to the pregnancy period and child birth holidays, and reintegration of lion too, office matters are affected.

It is also an important issue for women not to have standard public transport. Many women are also keen on government jobs and do not like to work there even if there is employment opportunities in private institutions. While the environment of many private institutions is not suitable for women. One solution to this problem is that all jobs are appropriately allocated for women, it will help to reduce the unemployment rate of women.

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