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10 expensive things you have not heard
10 expensive things you have not heard

1. School:

 The annual tuition fee of Switzerland Institut Le Rosey is $ 1.55 million. In this school, 400 students study, for which 90 teachers are teachers. In addition to teachers, the number of staff in school is more than 200.
2. Liquid: The cost of a gallon of the poison is $ 39 million. This poison treats many diseases, including cancer.

3. Cell phone number:

 The world's most expensive cell phone number is 6666666.

It was sold at $ 27 million. This number was released in 2006 for a welfare organization. The fastest number recorded by the Chinese number 8888-8888 was sold, which was sold at $ 280,000.

4. Tea Bag:

On the 75th anniversary of Brooklyn's birthdate, PG Tips presented a T-Bags worth $ 14,000 worth. In this Tea Bag, 280 diamonds were connected.

5. Keyboard:

The world's most expensive keyboard price is $ 4240.
6. Contact Lines: The price of a pair of contact lenses in India is $ 15,000. It has 18 diamonds attached to the gold plate.

7. Cheese:

 The world's most expensive cheese is not obtained from cow or Bakkar. It is obtained from donkeys.

Pule Cheese is obtained from Ballon donkeys. Its £ 1 is worth $ 600. It is not available in the commercial market.

8. Ice Cubes:

A California California company creates Ice Cubes. It is covered with a hand in full circle. The price of 50 ice cubes is $ 325.
9. The toilet paper: The Australian company sells gold-made toilet paper.

The 22-piece golden foil prepared paper roll is sold at 1.38 million dollars. It is considered safe for use.
10. On the bird: a bird was disrupted in 1907, but today even on the beautiful bird sells very expensive prices. In an auction in 2010, an unknown person bought 10,000 dollars on a tail, which makes it the world's most valuable.
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