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Death Stranding Release Date Trailer News

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Death Stranding Release Date Trailer News

Death Stranding Release Date Trailer News

Death Stranding Release Date Trailer News

After a very long time we can to know about the Hideo Kojima's allusive Death stranding release date. Also we have some more expectation from this game

Kojima Productions on 29 May 2019 releases are a very lengthy trailer of Death Stranding PlayStation Game.

But in the trailer we can clearly see that it will be releases on November 8th 2019

So after this amazing release of the Death Stranding trailer our fans are very curious about some important questions.
To know

On what I can play the game( Sony ps4  the best to play the Game)

Death Standing Trailer PlayStation Game:

On YouTube it crosses about 3.4 million views and last 18 hours and still on Trending #2 the trailer total time length is about 8 minutes and 52 seconds.

Death stranding is action game which can be played on multiplayer and single player and open world environment. The game is all focus on action rather than stealth because the stealth is not revealed at this time.
Moreover the game consists of very super natural and creature on the land during the gameplay the Sam Porter must have to clear all hurdles and barriers to save the humanity from the annihilation.

 here are the youtube link of Death Standing game

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