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Influenza: six deaths in Yucatan

The seasonal influenza season in Yucatan came to an end last week with an official balance of six deaths, four more than in the same period of 2018.

Influenza: six deaths in Yucatan
Influenza: six deaths in Yucatan


The most dangerous phase in the Yucatecans begins

The seasonal influenza season in Yucatan came to an end last week with an official balance of six deaths, four more than in the same period of 2018.

This phase is preceded by the most lethal period for the Yucatecans: the interstate period 2017-2018, when 39 deaths were reported due to influenza in the state, which was the most punished in the entire country.

The so-called "seasonal season" covers the epidemiological week 40 to 20 of the following year. It is eight months, from October to the end of May, and in theory it is the period of greatest danger in the whole country because with the low temperatures there is greater circulation of the virus.


However, in Yucatan and other regions the most devastating effects of the disease correspond to the interstate season, which extends from the end of May - epidemiological week 21 - to the end of September of the following year, which is week 39.

The balance of the previous interstate season was totally negative for Yucatan: 329 cases of influenza were confirmed and 39 deaths were reported, which represented 52% of those that occurred throughout Mexico (75) as a result of this illness.

Predominant virus

According to the weekly reports of influenza reported by the General Directorate of Epidemiology (DGE), at the end of the seasonal season, 7,210 positive cases of influenza and 811 deaths were confirmed throughout the national territory, six of them in Yucatán, with predominance of the viral subtype A-H1N1.

Deaths, indicate the health authorities, were associated with a delay in the initiation of antiviral treatment (44.6%), a late demand for medical attention (32.7%), the absence of vaccination (92.5%) and the presence of comorbidities (32.3%). Other factors are hypertension, obesity and diabetes mellitus.

The entities with the highest number of deaths are: State of Mexico (104), Hidalgo, Mexico City, Puebla and Guanajuato, which together account for 45.3 percent of deaths.

With its six deaths, Yucatan was again the most affected state in the Peninsula. He was followed by Quintana Roo, with four deaths. In Campeche there are no records of deaths due to influenza.

The General Directorate of Epidemiology yesterday published the report of week 21, which represents the first of the interstate flu season. In this period, Yucatán is the only state that appears with some report of positive cases, although it is only one.

Throughout the country, 194 cases of Influenza Type Illness (ILI) and Severe Acute Respiratory Infection (SARI) were reported this week. The only confirmed influenza is, as we already pointed out, from Yucatan.

Epidemic curve

In their report yesterday, Health authorities also say the following:

-The epidemic curve of cases recorded at the beginning of the season shows a low viral circulation compared to the rest of all interstate seasons, where a greater number of cases were observed at the beginning of the same.

The positivity rate until this week is 25%. The viruses studied have not presented antigenic changes that alter their virulence or known pathogenicity. No resistance to Oseltamivir has been identified. - ÁNGEL NOH ESTRADA


Yesterday, the first report of the interstate flu season was released.

The most lethal

This phase will last until the end of September. Historically it is the most devastating period in Yucatan, unlike what happens in other parts of the country

First national place

In the interstate season 2017-2018, 39 deaths were officially reported in the Yucatan due to influenza. That figure represents 52 percent of the country's total.

Even with all

The condition affects women and men equally

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