Invest in assets in the US: the online platform that proposes an estimated return of 40% in dollars
Invest in assets in the US: the online platform that proposes an estimated return of 40% in dollars

An online platform with more than 30,000 registered investors offers anyone the possibility of participating from US $ 1,000 in a trust, managed by a public trustee registered in CNV, which will invest in the world's largest real estate market.

In 2018 the total value of the housing market in the United States amounted to more than 33 billion dollars, in which two niches of the market stood out above the rest, the Senior Living & Student Housing. Today these real estate developments are raging because of their high occupancy rates of over 95%, which generates returns above the market average.

These niches aim to cover the needs of two of the fastest growing segments of the population: students and the elderly. However, these investment opportunities are reserved only for people with high purchasing power, generally amounts exceeding US $ 1,000,000.

Today, thanks to the power of crowdfunding, Crowdium allows you to invest, from minimum amounts, in a local vehicle that will invest in a diversified asset in real estate in these two segments of the US market. This would allow obtaining estimated returns between 35% and 45% in dollars in 48 months.

Currently, the company distributed to investors in one of its projects, yields of 30% in dollars in a period of 18 months, and in another paid quarterly 12% per year in dollars.

In a context of high volatility and electoral uncertainty, participating in this project is emerging as one of the best investment alternatives of 2019 to diversify into several properties and niches in full swing in the United States.

How to access this opportunity?

Investors can register for free on the Crowdium platform or call investment advisors and create their account at no cost where they can invest in pesos or dollars. The contributions are made by transfer directly to the bank account of the trust. This is administered by a recognized public trustee registered with the National Securities Commission (CNV).

To contact the company and obtain more information, you can access or call 0800-220-CROW (2769) toll-free.

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