Reasons for rupture: what do Argentines not accept?
Reasons for rupture: what do Argentines not accept?

Let's face it: we all have a list of characteristics that we can not pass up in other people. Is that there are behaviors or attitudes that lead us to make "the click" with what we want. It is a fact that each one has different perceptions about what we do not think, but what are the things that most Argentines do not accept? To find out, the AdoptáUnChico application conducted a study through surveys that yielded the following results.


If there is something in which most Argentines agree is that it is unforgivable to go out with a macho person, in fact, 88% of women responded that they are willing to say "chau, chau, goodbye" to a man if he discovers that He has this kind of attitude.

However, something very interesting is that the respondents said that they could give in other matters; such is the case that the political crack did not interfere in love and 71% confirmed that ideological differences can be fixed.

As for the eternal debate of whether infidelity can be forgiven or not, the reality is that there is no such clear answer. Although 60% of them refuse to forgive her, there is also a 40% that considers it as something that can be resolved in the couple.

Vices and defects

We all have them, some more innocent and others more problematic. If your partner has a very intense rhythm of life, it may not be in tune with you, but it may also be that it is congruent with your lifestyle.

In this regard, 55% of women said that depending on the vice of the other person or not think about leaving. Also 54% answered that they do not mind having a partner who likes to go out at night, while the remaining 46% said they could not continue with that relationship. The interesting thing about Argentines is that they seem to prioritize first of all the good vibes in the couple, being that 91% would not hesitate to leave a boy who is bad wave or lacks a sense of humor.


According to the study, common interests beat the physical aspect. However, if there is something that most agree, is that the connection in bed affects the relationship, can improve it or make it fall into a tailspin.

Another point in which the Argentines agree is hygiene, 87% answered that not dedicating enough time to personal washing is a reason for immediate breakdown.

Professional life

Women know more and more what they want, because with respect to professional life, 94% of them do not care if their partner's work is totally incompatible with theirs. But yes, most responded that they would not accept being with someone who had no ambitions or aspirations, a feature they are definitely looking for in their partners.

"Refusing to accept certain conditions that are part of the personality of your partner can be confused with being selfish or very demanding, however, the truth is that it is an act to take care of yourself. It is not about encouraging intolerance, but about recognizing that there are things that we do not agree with and it is valid. As long as we do not offend or hurt someone, it is worth deciding what we want and what we do not, when establishing relationships, "says Rocío Cardosa, project manager of AdoptáUnChico.

"At the end of the day what matters is not to qualify people, but to be congruent with the values ​​we profess and to know where we want to get with someone. There is no right or wrong reason to break up with someone, the important thing is to be true to ourselves and sincere with others, "he concluded.
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