How to stop gaining weight plus depression weight gain

How to stop gaining weight plus depression weight gain
How to stop gaining weight

WEIGHT GAIN Obesity Definition:

Obesity refers to an increase in total body fat.
Obesity is also known as weight gain and it occurs when we take more calories in our diet than the body uses up.if the which eat provides more calories than our body need than excess of food is converted into fat,so the fat cells starts increases in size and when they can no longer expand they starts increases in number.
Point to remember:
If we lose weight, the size of fat cells decreases but its number can't decreases.

Cause of Weight Gain:

There are many factors which contribute to obesity but if these factors are control we can easily control yourselves from becoming obese.


Genes may contribute to obesity i.e obesity tends to run in families.


Obesity is also caused by shared diet.Most of our eating habits and activities are learned from people around it is concluded that overeating and inactive life style can cause obesity.


Age can also contribut to obesity because as people grow elder they tend to lose muscle and gain fat because their metabolism becomes slow as compare to younger slow metabolism lower down their calories requirements.


Sex can also cause obesity because men have more muscle than women and also muscle burns more calories than any other tissues so mens use more calories than women even at rest so if womens are taking same amount of calories as men take then womens are likely to gain weight than men on same calorie intake.


Many people gain weight because of their emotions i.e depression, hopelessness, anger and many other reasons. Their feelings and emotions affect their eating habits causing them to overeat which results in obesity.


Some medicines also contribute to obesity but it is also observe that medicines are not very common cause of obesity as compare to overeat and inactive life style. Examples are antidepressants medicines.


Some medical condition can also cause obesity which includes hypothyroidism, cushing syndrome and depression etc.

Best method to Reduce weightgain


Exercise is a main factor due which we overcome from the problem of obesity so taking exercise for 30 minutes on most days od week or daily walking to certin miles can solve the problem of obesity.

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