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Social community June 1 (socialcommunitiesonline). - Nokia has already tried to implement its own operating system, as Huawei is now considering the veto decreed by Washington, although the head of Spain and Portugal of the Finnish firm recognizes that It is not easy to open a hole in a sector dominated by Android and iOS.

"The important thing is not so much the quality of the operating system that you have, but the support that the applications are going to give to that software. That is the critical part, "explained the head of the firm in Spain and Portugal, Luis Peixe, in an interview with Efe.

In this regard, he pointed out that the user who buys a smartphone "takes for granted that he can have the application of his bank, his airline or taxi"

"From my experience, I think that's the hardest part" when it comes to achieving a broad implementation of an independent operating system, the director assured in relation to the agreement that in 2011 Nokia, by then a world leader in the sector, reached with Microsoft to become the main mobile provider with the operating system of the Bill Gates company.

In 2014, and after little commercial success, Microsoft bought the mobile division of Nokia, which meant the abandonment of the Finnish company of a sector that dominated clearly for more than a decade. In 2016 reached an agreement with HDM Global Oy to return to the sector hand in hand with Android.

Now, five years later, the Chinese Huawei is making its way very quickly in the sector, to the point that by 2020 it could snatch Samsung's world leadership, although the recent veto by US President Donald Trump to the Chinese firm could truncate that advance. , since their phones carry the Android operating system, developed by the US Google.

If Trump veto is maintained, Google should stop maintaining commercial relations with Huawei in August, which jeopardizes Android support and updates in the Chinese manufacturer's mobiles.

Asked about this situation, the manager did not want to speak and simply pointed out that Nokia, as a European company with a global presence and five plants in four countries (Vietnam, Argentina, China and India), is "very focused" on Android.

Peixe has highlighted that the Android used by Nokia phones is the same as those of Pixel, the Google brand. "It is a pure Android, without layers," he said. In addition, it offers a guarantee of two years at the time of having the latest versions of this operating system.

«This is something that is not common in all brands. There are some that do it in the high ranges. We do it transversally in all segments, "said the head of the firm in Spain and Portugal.

This strategy, has influenced, is "a differential factor" because "it changes a bit the paradigm of the use of a 'smartphone' since, until now, if you bought a mid-range phone or low the operating system was the same with the step weather".

As for the 5G (the next generation of mobile telephony), which believes that it will be implemented "with force" in 2020, commented that they look "with great interest" the issue and "are working on it", but for now Nokia has not announced nothing concrete "in terms of product".

To compete with the big Asian firms, which clearly dominate the market, Nokia is committed to the aforementioned policy of updates, as well as "reliability, resistance and design", aspects "that are important for the user".

In addition, it has highlighted the technological innovations of the firm, such as the five cameras that equip the Nokia 9, presented in February and that "demonstrates the brand's commitment to the world of photography."

On mobiles with a folding screen, he said that Nokia has nothing to announce in that area, although it is something that the company also follows with attention.

«It is important to understand what is the interest for the consumer. There are things that we focus on and we want to be the first, like the five cameras, and there are others that we look at and try to understand what the best strategy may be, "he concluded.
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