causes of weight gain
Causes of weight gain

Who likes obesity not only does it destroy the personality, but it also proves the roots of disease because it also increases the risk of infectious diseases, including diabetes, blood pressure, diabetes and diarrhea. And it is true that obesity has become a global disease, according to a survey report, Pakistan is ranked nine in the most affected countries of obesity.
The young generation and the increasing trend of obesity in children are lack of non-healthy food and exercise. Medical experts have shown that after ten years, one of the five adult adults will suffer from obesity. Obesity spreads rapidly in the new generation of Pakistan. According to deputy director of the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, due to the increasing trend of young people and children, the lack of non-healthy food and exercise is due.
Medical experts consider increasing weight due to the rise of many diseases.177 countries were surveyed and the reports released after this report almost doubled the rate of obesity and weight loss around the world. Is. The majority of people suffering from obesity is in America, China and India. But there is also a disease in Pakistan.
It is very important to know that it is absolutely wrong to say thickness is rich and rich. Because weight loss does not contain balanced diet but also non-balanced food and lifestyle. If we talk about China, due to social and economic changes in China, obesity in China's rural youth is increasing rapidly.
On the other hand, rate of obesity women has increased from 6.4 percent to 14.9.
In addition, there is a small island of Micronesia or a small island of oceans that spread across the vast Pacific Ocean Territory. Its northwest is located in Philippines, West and southwest Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Malaysia and east of Polynesia, 38 percent of men and half of the population of women's population came to be obese.
Medical experts say obesity can prove to be more harmful for boys than boys. Use healthy and balanced food to maintain healthy life and to be safe from future diseases. Take a simple lifestyle, make lightweight exercises a part of your everyday routine and try to avoid the problems possible.
One research has shown that excessive use of curd proves working in reducing obesity.

Swallowing food properly is a simpler prescription for body weight loss. Similarly, those who eat slowly drink more water, which they have more sense of being healthy. The use of more protein in your diet will help you to avoid obesity.
Instead of burning calories to reduce your physical weight, you should use protein-rich items in food. Along with medical experts, it is also said that meat, fish, eggs etc. is the best because it is protein-rich foods. In recent times an apple food keeps the doctor away, but it is also important to prevent obesity. happens.
Daily use of green apples not only keeps the feeling of stomach, but it also increases the number of bacteria beneficial for the health available. Research suggests that daily use of these apples increases the number of healthy bacteria that help in the fight against obesity.
The habit of solving children quickly is the easiest and cheap way to avoid obesity.
Hearing about this method of reducing weight you will be surprised that women's weight decreases by 2.26 kg in one month of heart failure. If women get lonely for one year after breaking the relationship, if there is obesity in them, it reduces 6 to 7 kg. One thing can be said, it can be said in other countries including Pakistan, if the current trend of eating and living style continues, it will become inevitable to face another challenge in the form of a catastrophic problem.
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