diabetes patient Alert | Dm alert
diabetes patient Alert | Dm alert

According to the study published in The Lancet Planetary Health, in 2016, the main reason for 14% of cases in diabetes diagnosis cases is environmental pollution .There is an investigation by the investigative team to ensure the health of results resulting from this research The Motapay and Body Mass Index (BMI) have taken Constant Variables so that the results can not be affected by any other reason.
The team told the research that PM2.5-named particles are definitely responsible for increasing the diabetes rate from hypolactic contamination. Due to the size of 2.5 microscopes, scientists are unable to study its structure and texture. At this time it can be said that it has toxic matter / chemicals.
The main reason for the PM2.5 substances to be implicit health is the size of their size, which easily absorb blood lungs through lungs and then entering all the body during the breathing process.
As a result of blood circulation, it causes inflammation by reaching other parts of the body, resulting in lower production of insulin in the lobe. In the case of continuous absorption in the blood, the production of insulin stops, which is diabetes. Causes.
Usually the main source of PM2.5 emission is fuel-fired industrial units, so scientists say that the smoke derived from vehicles gets the highest amount of food, which is highly contaminated health prevention Not possible

Environmental Protection Agency is engaged in the effort to balance the pollution level in any way environment, but scientists believe that these measures are not sufficient enough to create more strategies in this regard.Because Bangladesh, Pakistan, India and other countries, In developing countries, such as New Guinea Papua, environmental contraceptives can not be strictly implemented on the contraceptive, due to which people can suffer from disorders that require dependent on nutritional medicines .Unless the vehicles are cleaned up Fuel sources are not common, it is necessary to control the smoke emission and Protectively face the face out of the mask.

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