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Differentiated training and key meeting: this was the return of Neymar to PSG

Despite having recently returned to training with the incumbent ... Spanish outlet AS has reported that Neymar already informed his PSG teammates that he won't return to ... if he returns to his previous speed and form, he could be a key ..... into the meeting, but the hosts have a one-goal lead in differential.

Differentiated training and key meeting: this was the return of Neymar to PSG
Differentiated training and key meeting: this was the return of Neymar to PSG

The striker returned to Paris after the end of the Copa América, although the club was waiting for him last week.
Neymar arrived at the Paris Saint Germain (PSG) rally on Monday, a week after the club's players resumed training, in an atmosphere of clear tension and with great uncertainty about their future.

The PSG did not want to comment in the morning or on the program or on any other aspect of the return of the Brazilian star, once several media confirmed that he had landed in the French capital, and that he could be seen arriving shortly after from 9.00 local (7.00 GMT) to Camp de Loges.

Neymar worked differently due to the injury to his ankle, from which he is almost recovered. But after a brief workout in the gym, he met with the sporting director, Leonardo, who last week had dropped the possibility of opening a sanction procedure for not showing up on the first day of training, on July 8.

Although the content of the summit is not known, the French newspaper L'Equipe affirmed that, in the exchanges of messages of the last days, Leonardo had made notice to the player that the narrow economic margin that Barcelona has at this moment makes very difficult his signing for what was his previous team this summer.
An argument that did not serve to modify the will of Neymar to leave, which is what many fans of PSG have understood their statements last Saturday.

Questioned about his best memories, he responded by first placing the victory in the Olympic Games with Brazil in 2016 and second the "comeback" when he disqualified his current team with the club in the second round of the Champions League.

The Brazilian's environment tried to correct the effect that those words caused with a statement in which he stated that "to consider his spontaneous and honest reaction as a provocation is a malicious analysis whose sole objective is to create controversy where there is none".

The French club has left the door open for Neymar to leave, but with a financial offer that suits him. And we must remember that when he signed him in 2017, he had to pay Barcelona a clause of rescission of 222 million euros.

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