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Jessie | Cameron Boyce's partner in "Jessie" makes sense in the actor's latest post on Instagram

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Cameron Boyce's partner in "Jessie" makes sense in the actor's latest post on Instagram


Both played brothers Luke and Zuri Ross in the remembered Disney Channel series.
The young actor Cameron Boyce died this Saturday as a result of a seizure after an ongoing medical condition, according to his family. The 20-year-old artist was best known for his roles as Carlos de Vil in the films "Descendants" and Luke Ross in the series "Jessie" by Disney Channel.

After his death was confirmed, some of his colleagues left farewell messages in the last photograph that Cameron posted on his Instagram.

The actress Skai Jackson, who shared the cast with Cameron in "Jessie" -interpreting her sister Zuri Ross- said "I love you, always in my heart".

The director of the films of "Descendants", Kenny Ortega, posted a photo of the cast on his own Instagram and said that "my love, light and prayers go to Cameron and his family, that you rest in peace, my child forever."

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