Kelly McGillis, the woman who puts order to the testosterone of 'Top Gun', will not be in the sequel because nobody called her,
Kelly McGillis
Kelly McGillis

Top Gun is one of the greatest movie classics that brought us a Tom Cruise in his salsa, playing a hero who played between the genres of drama and action while taking pleasure in the risky scenes in the air. But if there was something that made this movie different from the rest of the era, it was to incorporate a female co-star character with more strength and power than the main hero: Charlie Blackwood.
The film was one of the first that included a woman of arms to take with more rank than the protagonists in a film made by men and starring men.

Kelly McGillis left a mark like that astrophysics and civil instructor who arrived to train the pilots, putting order and earning everyone's respect. But also the love of Pete "Maverick" Mitchell. When the protagonist was not flying, playing volleyball or riding his motorcycle, he was trying to make her fall in love with her. Something he gets despite Charlie's attempts not to fall into his networks.

At the end of the movie the two meet at the bar revealing a romantic conclusion that promises that "they lived happily and ate partridges." And that is why when the sequel was announced, many took it for granted that Kelly McGillis would appear in the story in some way. But no. Our joy in a well.

34 years after the original success, Maverick will meet with the audience but not Charlie. Because as the actress has revealed to ET, nobody called her to offer a role in the story.

"You know what, I don't know how to answer because it hasn't happened," he told the publication during a telephone interview when asked if he planned to attend one of the sequel's promotional events. "And two, if and when it happened, I would have to see where I am, what I am doing and what is happening," he said as if he were indifferent.

Moreover, he has not seen the trailer yet or maintains contact with Tom or the original film team despite having marked his film careers. “Movies are a strange thing. I don't keep in touch with anyone. I think I've talked to a couple of people occasionally, but the truth is that movies are strange work situations because there are a lot of people from different parts of the world that come together ”just for that job.
It is still unknown why they didn't ask Kelly to come back, although I would dare to suggest two possible reasons. The first could be the obvious difference in age. The actress is 5 years older than Tom Cruise, something that worked in Top Gun because it was an experienced woman who knew how to put the points on the ies to a rebel Maverick. But if we take into account that at 57 he continues to use the same formula of having partners much younger than him in his films (Emily Blunt, 21 years younger; Rebecca Fergusson, 22 years younger; Michelle Monaghan, 14 years younger), Then Kelly, 62, would not enter the equation.

And the second reason is the most obvious and is that Kelly has been missing from the Hollywood scene for several years. Although it appears from time to time with secondary roles in series and TV movies, no participation is as remembered as the role of Charlie, his unforgettable role in love with Amish in Single Witness (1985) with Harrison Ford or his collaboration with Jodie Foster in Accused (1988).

Surely you wonder why? What happened so that after three films so remembered - one after the other - suddenly we don't have another cinephile memory of her? Simply because it was she who decided to abandon everything.
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