The Donald Trump government will reject migrants who seek asylum in the US without having done so in another Cont
The Donald Trump government will reject migrants who seek asylum in the US without having done so in another Cont

Washington will impose the new requirement as of Tuesday for those who arrive at the southern border with the intention of crossing it. The measure affects especially the Central Americans who habitually cross Mexico heading north
The US government began negotiations on Monday to not accept more asylum applications from Central American migrants arriving at the Mexican border, in a new attempt the irregular entry of foreigners into the country.

According to the new norm published in the Federal Register, asylum seekers who first pass through another country will not be able to request asylum in the South American border, unless they have made the management in Mexico without success. It also has exceptions for victims of human trafficking.

"A foreigner who enters or attempts to enter the US through the southern border after failing to apply for protection in a third country outside their countries of citizenship, nationality or legal habitual last residence that has been en route to the US is not suitable for asylum, "said the provision.

The rule, which should take effect on Tuesday, applies even to children who have crossed the border alone.
"This measure will dramatically reduce the weight on our system caused by asylum seekers who do not seek protection in the first available country, migrants for economic reasons who lack fear of persecution, and traffickers and transnational crime organizations who take advantage of of the system, "said Kevin McAleenan, interim secretary of the Department of Homeland Security.

It is expected that the regulations, already criticized by the opposition sectors and activists of migratory rights, will be disputed in courts. In a statement, the Department of Justice argued that the rule "uses the authority delegated by Congress in (...) the Migration Law to improve the integrity of the asylum process by placing more restrictions or limitations on the eligibility of foreigners seeking asylum. in United States".
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