The statue of Melania Trump in her hometown in Slovenia that has generated opinions and ridicule
The statue of Melania Trump in her hometown in Slovenia that has generated opinions and ridicule

After Melania's cake, Melania's honey and the shoes of Melania, At the hometown first American lady, will now boast the first statue of her most famous daughter, although it has caused controversy.
The life-size statue was opened on this Friday and the work of 39-year-old American conceptual artist Brad Downey, who says it is the first monument in the world dedicated to the wife of US President Donald Trump.
The work was sculpted in a tree with a chainsaw and shows the first lady dressed in a blue suit raising her left hand, which seeks to reproduce the gesture she made during her husband's oath in 2017.
The work, carried out in a naive (naive) style, has provoked criticism, for example that it resembles a "scarecrow".
"I can understand that people think they do not come very close to their physical appearance," says Downey, who finds the result "absolutely beautiful."
Since Donald Trump took office as president in 2017, the quiet Sevnica became a magnet for tourists and journalists seeking to scrutinize the past of the first American lady.
Local merchants have taken advantage of that attraction to offer an incredible amount of food products or merchandise under the name of Melania, as well as a walk through the key sites of their early years.
Downey conceived the statue as part of a project to explore Slovenian roots and commissioned local artisan Ales Zupevc, nicknamed "Maxi", to make the sculpture.
Owney told AFP that he was shocked that "Maxi" was born the same year and in the same hospital as Melania.
"We can see this river and the mountains as she saw them as a child," Downey added.
Nobody has been encouraged to express great praise to the work.
Nika, a 24-year-old local architecture student, told AFP that "if the monument wants to be a parody, then the artist did succeed."
"Here in Sevnica we can only laugh and at the same time hold our heads with our hands for the catastrophic reputation" of the Trump, he added.
Katarina, 66, says for her part that the monument is a "good idea".
"Melania is a Slovenian heroine, she managed to reach the highest in the United States," he said.
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