Does Smartphone Usage Affect a Child's Functional Vision?

Does Smartphone Usage Affect a Child's Functional Vision?

A minor, barely two years old, was diagnosed with severe myopia due to excessive cell phone use. His parents gave it to him when he was one year old, in order to entertain her and "keep her quiet," local media in China report.
At just two years old, the little girl has severe myopia

The incident was recorded in Jiangsu Province , in China. A year after using the cell phone day and night, her parents noticed abnormalities in her little daughter, because they noticed that she was starting to frown and squint her eyes to better observe the screen.

Child offers reward to recover cell phone with photos of his late mother
After an ophthalmologic review, the specialists diagnosed that the girl suffered 9 diopters, whose result is high compared to a mild myopia of -0.5 to 3D.

The damage is irreversible and could get worse when the girl grows up, said Liu Li of the Child Care Services Center. Now the little girl has to wear 9D lenses, without which she could not see at all.
In this regard, the World Health Organization recommends that children under one year of age should not be exposed to screens and monitors; while infants of two and four years can use electronic devices only one hour a day.

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