Facebook allowed children to chat in groups with strangers
Facebook allowed children to chat in groups with strangers

An error in Messenger Kids, the application for children of Facebook, would have allowed minors to have contact with users not approved by parents.

The social platform Facebook accepted that a failure in the service of its messaging platform aimed at children, Messenger Kids , allowed them to participate in group conversations with people who were not approved by their parents.

Consulted by the AFP agency, the social network said that it has been closing the group conversations in which minors have had contact with strangers, also notifying thousands of parents whose children were affected because of this error on their platform.
ecurity failures on Facebook, a constant
Initially reported by the news portal The Verge , the news began to spread by sharing one of the alerts addressed to parents, warning that their children could have created group chats with people who were not on the authorized contact list , despite the fact that participation in the conversation was limited by the configuration of the parents.

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Unfortunately, Facebook tries to regain the trust of its users after a series of scandals related to various privacy failures , while at the same time dealing with the pressure of regulators seeking to tidy up the security measures they offer.
What is Messenger Kids?
Messenger Kids is a platform designed so that children, between six and 12 years of age, can communicate through group or individual video calls with trusted contacts, previously approved by their parents. To create a traditional Facebook account it is necessary to have a minimum age of 13 years.

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The service was officially presented since 2017 as a safe environment for children who communicated without any security measures through other applications, but arrived in Mexico until the middle of last year .
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