Is my Friend a Psyco?

Is my Friend a Psyco?

Is my Friend a Psyco?
Is my Friend a Psyco?

Approximately 10% of the population has personality problems.

These people have special features in their way of thinking, perceiving, feeling, acting and interacting with others who are not healthy. It is estimated that 1.5% of them can develop an  antisocial personality disorder . The antisocial personality is defined by having a behavior that is fundamentally transgressive.

The person who has an antisocial personality disorder can also be defined as a psychopath or sociopath. There are two important components that make up the personality: temperament , which is the biological and instinctive element, and character , which is a product of what has been learned and originates in the process of socialization and education.

Some distinguish the psychopath as the one born with the antisocial characteristics (temperamental component) of the sociopath. The sociopath is one who acquires these behaviors through their upbringing and during the socialization process (character).

But what characterizes these people? In general, their actions are justified because they want something or avoid something, no matter what others think. They believe that their actions will not have undesirable consequences or they simply do not care and have a high certainty that their decisions are always right.

For them, the end justifies the means and the ultimate goal is one that satisfies him regardless of the damage he causes.

They usually think: "if others suffer from my behavior that is their problem", "only fools follow the rules, the rules should be eliminated", "I am the best, the first thing for me is pleasure", "I have to get anything I want and it has to be now, if I don't get frustrated ”, or, for example,“ I am very smart, I am the best ”. Affectively they often get irritated and be aggressive towards others in order to intimidate them.

It is common for patients to go to the consultation involuntarily under the pressure exerted by justice or marital conflicts or with their children, since the antisocial tends to have a manipulative behavior and an exploitative attitude towards others. These people are usually harmful to their families, institutions and society in general.

This could be preceded in the first years of life by childhood disocial behavior disorder , challenging oppositional behavior and attention deficit disorder among others.

If you identify some of these characteristics in your way of being or in someone close to you, it is recommended that you ask for help with a mental health specialist who can advise and guide you on how to manage this condition.

More about sociopathy
Keys to detect a psychopath
There are a number of items that constitute the popular PCL (Psychopathy Checklist) method developed by Dr. Robert Hare.

In relation to others:

In the affective:

Regarding the lifestyle:

In the social

Can a child be a psycho?
Sex with a psychopath: what to expect
They are charming, eloquent, friendly and conquering.
They have an exaggerated self-esteem.
They lie pathologically and believe that any strategy is valid to achieve their goal and justify their behavior.
They are manipulative and intelligent enough for the other to create their performance.
They have no feelings of guilt or regrets, nor do they feel indebted to others.
They are affectively frivolous and superficial.
They are indifferent, they can be even cruel, because they lack empathy.
They don't accept their mistakes, others always have the problem.
They need constant stimuli, they get bored easily.
They like a parasitic lifestyle.
They act impulsively and without control.
They live without direction, changing goals without direction.
Its irresponsible.
They usually commit crimes in their youth years.
They have behavioral problems since childhood.
They love scams and all crimes that require the manipulation of another.

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