(Social Community- September 27, 2019) The court has ruled in the murder case of Model Kandel Baloch, in which Mufti Abdul Qawi was sentenced to life imprisonment by Badi and brother of the model. Kandel Baloch according to the details. He was assassinated in Muzaffarabad on July 15, 2016, and there were 152 hearings for the case from July 17, 2016 to September 26, 2019.
The court in its short verdict wrote that the accused Waseem committed an Iqbal crime on which he is sentenced to life imprisonment while all other accused including Mufti Abdul Qawi's brother Arif, Cousin Haq Nawaz, Aslam Shaheen and taxi driver Abdul Basit. Thea has been acquitted.
Mufti Abdul Qawi along with Qandil Baloch came to the fore when the model shared a few selfies and videos on social media during Ramadan in 2016, which he received severe criticism from various constituencies.

Mufti Abdul Qawi, a former member of the Rawat Hilal Committee, was also named in the case on charges of inciting the brother of the deceased under Section 109 of the Criminal Procedure, on the plea of ​​his father Azim, who later disputed the controversial selfies with Qandeel Baloch. The petition was filed by Kandil Baloch's father Azim, who said that we have forgiven our sons for the sake of Allah, so the court should also forgive them.
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