Monday, March 23, 2020

Corona Live Update United state


Corona Live Update United state


                   CONFIRMED                          REPORTED
                      CASES                                     DEATHS

                   47192                           582


9359 new cases and 111 new deaths in the United States
New deaths and cases include:
4 new deaths and 590 new cases in New Jersey
6 new deaths in Georgia
4 new deaths in California: including the 1st death in Monterey County (an adult with an underlying health condition)
4 new deaths in Louisiana (the other 2 mentioned in the report have been already counted in yesterday's totals for the state):  an 83-year-old Orleans Parish resident, a 50-year-old Orleans resident, a 77-year-old Jefferson Parish resident and a 90-year-old Orleans Parish resident. All aside from the 83-year-old individual had underlying medical conditions 
3 new deaths in Michigan: a 52-year-old man with underlying health conditions, the first death in West Michigan: a man in his 70s  [source] and an 90-year-old woman
1 new death in Florida
1 new death in Colorado
1 new death in Virginia, the 1st in Fairfax County: a man in his 60s who acquired COVID-19 through contact with a previously reported case 
1 new death in Indiana
1 new death in Kentucky: a 67-year-old man from Anderson County with underlying health conditions
1 new death in Kansas. Health officials have ordered Kansas City-area residents to stay at home for 30 days, starting Tuesday

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