SSA reports 251 positive cases of Covid-19
Mexico has a total of 251 Covid-19 infections with 697 suspected cases, 1,463 negative cases and two deaths.

Mexico has a total of 251 Covid-19 infections
Mexico has a total of 251 Covid-19 infections

"There are 251 confirmed cases and the total of suspected cases is 697 where we can have more cases and happily we have not had any deaths, neither suspicious nor confirmed," reported the director of Epidemiology, José Luis Alomía.

He explained that a third of those infected are female and the remaining two-thirds are male, 90% of the cases have received outpatient care and the rest, 10%, have been treated in hospitals.

On where Covid-19 could affect Mexico the most, the Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion of Mexico, Hugo López-Gatell, said that due to the large amount and density of population that exists in the metropolitan area of ​​the Valley of Mexico.

López-Gatell explained that the Mexican Government has not prevented private laboratories from participating in the diagnosis of the disease, but they must meet certain requirements, including demonstrating that they have technical competence.

In addition, he explained to citizens that in handwashing, one of the preventive measures should be with soap and water and this action should be done between 20 and 30 times a day.
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